It is my pleasure to present the annual report of the school for the year 2020-21.The school was established in June 1994.It aims at imparting quality education through the medium of English in accordance with the syllabus,rule and regulations of Central Board of Secondary Eduation,New Delhi.

We got good results in the AISSE-2020.Out of 39 students 35 got distinction(Above75%),2 got first class ,2 students got second class .It is only because of the team work,and hard work of the staff,and the whole-hearted support of the management.

We conducted a MTA of the All students’ through online .The instructional leader explained the scholastic and co-scholastic activities that planned to conduct in the school throughout the year.So the parents were well aware of the things beforehand the each academic session.

The top management (Strategical leaders) took a step to empower the teaching quality by conducting teacher training programs at school.  A well known counseling psychologist,Mr. Navas Kooriyad handled online class for Teachers and Girl-children on “child psychology” and “Adolesence period and its effects”respectively.Teachers were renovated with spirit and enthusiasm for nurturing the blooming buds. Motivation Class, Class on Exam Tips,Class management were the other subjects that Mr.Prasidh Prasad,HR trainer, Mr.Muneeb ,Motivational trainer,handled here for the teachers and students.Our teachers participated in the synergy training program conducted by district Sahodhaya.We provide training and workshop for our teachers to refresh their knowledge with innovative ,experiential teaching methods at times in the academic year ,to handle the class more confidently and effectively.


KOFFA is a well-known football academy in kottakkal.Our selected children are trained here with the help of national and international Trainers.

School Fest-2020 inaugurated on 20 Dec by Gopika Murali, famous singer.The Fest was categorized into four sections.They were ’Thartheel Fest’ for seniors, ‘Gracia Fest’ for English Language achievers,’Little stars’ for juniors, and ‘Twinkle Stars’ for kids.In addition to that, non participants got opportunities to get rid of their stage fear by using the open stage where they performed their little talent. Blooming stars displayed their charming performance in front of the huge crowd.Well-known personalities of the Arts,politics and the society distributed the prizes.

Important days were observed and programs were celebrated in a colourful way. Some days are listed here for your knowledge..Moon Day,Independence Day,Fit India Campaign,Kerala Piravi Day,Clean Kerala Drive,Flood Relief fund contribution Day,Balloon Day,Emoji Day,Breakfast Day ,Childrens’ Day,Vigilance Day…..etc

Mega GK for all children were conducted . A Rubic cube contest held to find out the fastest evaluator. Origami, a contest conducted to evaluate how much they were aware of the mathematical patterns and their different shapes in order to inculcate the mathematical interest and enthusiasm among the children.


All programs and activities that we held here are not enlisted.

We are waiting for the next academic year,we will bring a lot of good programs,activities,training and will conduct here for children to develop their intellectual,emotional,physical,mental,and spiritual health in accordance with their age and class.